Invest in Energy Management for a Competitive Edge

Learning to make the most of your energy use can provide a significant edge in today’s competitive business climate. When you invest in these services, our Certified Energy Engineers work with you, using a combination of insightful analytics and on-site consultation to give you an ongoing picture of how you’re using energy. They will also work with you on ways to increase profitability, reduce waste and increase your competitive position. When you’re ready, we can guide you through energy use improvements, from project planning to sourcing and implementation.


Energy Engineer Services

Tap into our new Consumers Energy Virtual Energy EngineerTM or Onsite Energy Engineer services to get actionable intelligence on your energy use. Let’s work together to make continuous improvements to reduce waste, better understand production costs and optimize operations.

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Other Energy Management Solutions

  • Lighting
  • High Voltage Systems Construction
  • Power Quality
  • Power Plants
    • Solar
    • Combined Heat and Power
  • Generators

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