Electric Rate Opt-In: Saving on Your Streetlights

Opt In to Save on Streetlights

If your municipality or business owns streetlights, we have an efficiency program that can save you energy and money. By joining, you’ll lower your rate, earn rebates and get technical support for energy efficiency improvements. You’ll probably also find that your upgrades enhance the experience in your streetlight-illuminated spaces.

Why Opt In?

If you decide to enroll in the Electric Rate Opt-In program and pay the energy efficiency surcharge for your streetlights, you’ll enjoy a lower rate on your electricity.

Then, with a plan we’ll create together, you’ll start improving the efficiency of your streetlights. You’ll save energy and money. If you meet the goals set in your plan, you’ll earn a rebate too. You can do all this while enhancing the safety and appeal of your nighttime spaces.

Some Ways to Save on Streetlights

Replace Mercury Vapor Bulbs

Swap out your mercury vapor bulbs for one of several more efficient options, most of which will actually improve the quality of lighting.

Get Your Timing Right

Automate adjustment of your streetlights’ timing to the seasons and the shift between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time.

The Right Light for the Job

Match the right streetlights to each lighting situation in your nighttime spaces.

Start Saving on Streetlights

If you’d like to get started with the Electric Rate Opt-In program, contact our Business Energy Efficiency Team today.

Call us at 877-607-0737 or email us anytime.

Other Ways to Save