We’re building sustainable communities by investing in what’s most important to Michigan – its people, our planet and Michigan’s prosperity.

Consumers Energy has been giving back to Michigan since we were founded over 130 years ago. Since 1990 we have been helping local communities grow and thrive through the Consumers Energy Foundation. We invest in three key areas crucial to all of us in the Great Lakes State– our people, our planet and our prosperity. We provide grants and mobilize volunteers to create a positive impact– in 2018 alone, the Consumers Energy Foundation, Consumers Energy and its employees and retirees contributed more than $18.5 million to Michigan nonprofits. We do it all without using funds generated from our customers. Instead, we use shareholder funds, along with contributions from current employees and retirees.

Working together, we can make a positive impact on Michigan – apply for a Consumers Energy Foundation grant.

Creating Impact in 3 Vital Areas


Ensuring all Michigan residents thrive economically and have access to world-class educational resources.


Dedicated to ensuring Michigan has world-class natural resources.


Ensuring Michigan businesses and communities are growing and have world-class cultural resources.