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Kitchen, Refrigeration and Laundry Rebates

Save Energy in Your Kitchen or Laundry Facility and Earn Rebates

In your kitchen, you know food. In your laundry facility, you know clean. We know energy. Let’s work together to cut energy costs in your kitchen or laundry.

Contractors participating in our energy efficiency programs are pros at cutting costs in commercial kitchens and laundry facilities. We’ll support the investment you’re making with valuable rebates. Read on to learn more. Or contact us today to talk about the possibilities.

Kitchen and Laundry Upgrades That Save

Kitchen Upgrades

  • Flexible batch broilers
  • ENERGY STAR® rated steam cookers
  • Energy efficient ice machines
  • LED lighting for refrigeration cases
  • Reach-in refrigerated case doors
  • Evaporator fan demand controls

Laundry System Upgrades

  • Energy efficient water heaters
  • Ozone generation systems

Your Plan for Saving Energy

Find a Contractor

Select a contractor to install your upgrades.


Submit Application

File the Pre-Notification Application before work begins to reserve your rebate.


Installation and Rebates

Complete the work and file your Final Application to collect rebates.


Learn More About the Program

Choosing a Contractor

When you have your commercial kitchen or laundry upgrades installed by a participating contractor, you’ll be working with a pro trained extensively in our energy efficiency programs. They will identify savings opportunities and advise you every step of the way.

You’re welcome to use your own contractor or perform upgrades yourself. Use the information on this page to guide you through the process, or contact us anytime.


Claiming Your Rebates

Before your contractor begins your upgrades, please submit the Pre-Notification Application. Your contractor can assist you with this. This will verify your improvements will qualify for rebates and will reserve your incentive funds.

When the work is complete, file the Final Application. You should then receive your rebates in six to eight weeks. If for any reason you do not, please contact us. If you’d like to browse all the available rebates, check out our rebates charts.


Available Rebates

Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Rebates

See all of the rebates you can earn by making energy efficient upgrades to your commercial kitchen or laundry.

Kitchen Ventilation Control Rebate Unit
Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Control $1 CFM

Lighting Rebate Unit
LED Lighting for Refrigeration Cases $10 Linear Foot of Lamp
Occupancy Sensors for LED Refrigeration Lighting $15 Door
Refrigeration Light Reduction Up to $0.18 Watt Reduced

Controls Rebate Unit
Anti-Sweat Heater Controls $75 Door
Evaporator Fan Demand Control Up to $120 Controller
Floated Head Pressure Control Up to $100 Ton

Motors Rebate Unit
Refrigerator Case Electronically Motor (ECM) $70 Unit
Walk-In Electronically Commutated Motor Replacing non-ECM Motor $100 Unit
Walk-In Cooler Evaporator Motor Reduction $250 Motor Removed

Reach-In Refrigerated Case Doors Rebate Unit
Medium Temperature
(33°F to 50° F)
Up to $60 Linear Foot
Low Temperature
(0°F to 32°F)
Up to $120 Linear Foot
No Heat Reach-in Case Doors Up to $150 Door

Strip Curtains Rebate Unit
Cooler (40°F) $6 Square Foot
Freezer (0°F) $9 Square Foot

Door Gasket Seals Rebate Unit
Door Gasket Seals $2 Linear Foot

Laundry Rebate Unit
Laundry Ozone Generation System $40 Pounds

Get Started Saving Energy

If you’re ready to save energy with commercial kitchen or laundry upgrades, let’s talk. Or download the applications and get started today.

Call us at 877-607-0737 or email us anytime.

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