Advanced Lighting Controls Program

Illuminate Your Energy Savings

Advanced Lighting Controls make it easy to control your facility lighting, and your energy use. And with rebates, you can save even more. Lighting alone is responsible for 36%* of monthly energy bills for Michigan businesses. Advanced Lighting Controls can help you avoid spending money lighting spaces that aren’t in use.

*U.S. Energy Information Administration

Consumers Energy provided an Advanced Lighting Controls program that helped us meet the return on investment we needed to move forward. After our first phase was implemented, we experienced a 90% reduction in lighting energy!

Jeff J., Manager

Trendway Corporation – Holland, MI

Saving Energy with Advanced Lighting Controls

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Understanding your Lighting Needs

Advanced Lighting Controls begins with understanding your lighting needs.

Advanced Lighting Controls allow you to:

  • Set lighting schedules throughout your facility
  • Utilize existing windows and ambient light
  • Control your lighting from a remote location
  • Maximize your energy savings
  • And more

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Control Capabilities

You must have a minimum of three control capabilities to receive the prescriptive rebate but more is always encouraged.

Available Capabilities:

  • Personal control
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Occupancy / vacancy sensing
  • Timed scheduling systems
  • High end trim

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We're Here to Help

Sometimes the biggest challenge to reducing energy use in your business is knowing where to start and how to get through the process. Our list of experienced Trade Allies, throughout the state, will help get your lighting under control. Find a contractor below.

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