Energy Savings for Agriculture

The Value of Saving Energy on the Farm

We want to work with you to lower your agricultural energy costs. Through our Agriculture Energy Efficiency program, you can earn rebates for conducting an energy audit of your agricultural operation. You can also earn rebates for a wide variety of energy efficient upgrades. You'll save money, save energy and help us create a more sustainable future for Michigan.

Find Fertile Ground for Savings With an Energy Audit

The first step to effective energy savings is knowing how you're using energy now. That's why we offer you up to $500 in rebates per facility when you get an energy audit and create a plan to save. You can get a USDA Tier II Farm Energy Audit through Michigan State University's Michigan Farm Energy Audit Program.

The audit report will include recommendations for saving energy and earning additional rebates. This is the same audit you'll need if you want to apply to the USDA's Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), which includes up to $500,000 in grants and loan guarantees.

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Consumers Energy, with their consulting and their rebate program has helped – and will help – our business grow for years to come.

Kari P., Manager

Panse Greenhouses, LLC – Kalamazoo, MI

A Bounty of Savings

rows plants growing in greenhouse

Grow in Greener Greenhouses

Grow in your greenhouses for less and earn rebates too when you install:

  • Heat curtains
  • Infrared thermal film
  • In-floor heating
  • Environmental control systems
  • LED grow lights

cows on green pasture

Save Energy Raising Dairy and Poultry

Raise healthy, happy dairy cows and poultry while saving energy and earning rebates with:

  • Variable speed drives on agricultural fans and pumps, and on milk pumps
  • Refrigeration tune-ups
  • Low- or zero-energy livestock waterers
  • Long-day lighting system retrofits

corn field against blue sky

Crop Growers Cash-In

Grow and harvest your crops using less energy, cutting your costs and earning rebates when you incorporate:

  • High efficiency grain dryers
  • Grain storage temperature and moisture controls
  • Variable speed drives on agricultural irrigation
  • Sprinkler to drip irrigation conversions
  • Low-pressure sprinkler nozzles

Get Started Saving Energy on Your Farm

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Other Ways to Save