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Building Operator Training (BOT) is a training program for operations and maintenance staff working in commercial buildings. Your business can save energy by providing this training to your employees who are directly responsible for the maintenance of building equipment and day-to-day building operations.

Your employees can get trained by attending BOT courses, passing each course exam and completing the required hands-on projects. We want to support you in offering this training, so we offer a rebate of up to $1,100 per trained employee.
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A Comprehensive Curriculum in Energy Efficiency

The Level I and Level II Building Operator Training series includes extensive classroom and project work. Classroom topics include:

  • HVAC operations
  • Measuring and benchmarking energy performance
  • Efficient lighting
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Low-cost operational improvements

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Get a Rebate for Training

For each participant who successfully completes the BOT course, we’ll give you up to $1,100 in rebates. That will cover a large portion of the course tuition. Putting their training into practice, your employees will save you more money by running your facility more efficiently and productively.

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Training Programs in Michigan

Courses are offered through the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA). For more information and current class registration, please visit

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