Building Performance: Saving Energy with ENERGY STAR®

A Plan for Ambitious Savings

If your business has multiple buildings and a resolve to make dramatic improvements in energy efficiency, the Building Performance with ENERGY STAR program will help you achieve your goals. You'll learn which of your buildings will benefit the most from energy upgrades and which measures will save you the most.

We’ll work together to develop a comprehensive, multi-level ENERGY STAR analysis of your facilities, benchmarking your buildings to identify the best opportunities to save. The outcome: a smart plan for major energy savings.

Through our interactions with Consumers Energy staff, the Building Performance with ENERGY STAR program has opened my eyes to energy efficiency opportunities in our District, buildings that I was unaware of previously. It has also given me the tools to educate and explain energy savings opportunities to the Superintendent and others within the District.

Jim N., Director of Facilities & Maintenance

Durand Area Schools - Durand, MI

The Building Performance with ENERGY STAR Process

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Benchmark Your Buildings

The Building Performance program begins with a high-level look at all your buildings. We’ll give each building a benchmark rating, which will tell you:

  • Which buildings are already running efficiently
  • Which buildings you could improve the most with modest investments and a short payback period
  • Which energy upgrades you should implement first

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Identify Immediate Savings and Dig Deeper

Next, we’ll conduct a walk-through assessment of all your buildings. We'll identify easy, low-cost process changes you can make to start saving energy right away.

In this phase, we’ll also recommend additional Business Energy Efficiency programs that could result in additional savings. At the same time, we’ll work together on deeper, more rigorous analyses of the buildings we prioritized in the benchmarking phase.

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A Strategy for More Substantial Savings

Finally, we create a detailed plan for future energy upgrades, designed to deliver maximum savings to your business with a short payback period.

You’ll get much more than a to-do list. We'll identify the measures that will have the most impact on each targeted building's efficiency, and develop an implementation schedule. We'll also outline how long it will take you to offset your investment in energy savings.

Get Started With High Performance

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