Stray Voltage Inspections

Together, We Can Identify and Eliminate Stray Voltage.

Stray voltage describes neutral to earth voltage (NEV). If it reaches sufficient levels, animals coming into contact with grounded devices may receive a mild electrical shock that can cause a behavioral response—like flinching or even avoiding drinking. All this makes for less than ideal conditions for livestock. If you suspect stray voltage, call us at 800-252-8658 or email us. Our Agricultural Services team does more than 3,000 free stray voltage inspections a year. If you have an NEV problem, we’ll find it and work with you to fix it.

It Comes Down to Wiring

The most important thing you can do to prevent stray voltage is to properly maintain your wiring system. Over time, your electrical equipment and wiring can become hazardous due to physical damage, corrosion, and overloading, especially in a farm environment. You should have your equipment and wiring inspected by a qualified person periodically. They can identify potential electrical problems that may be hazardous to your livestock and create future stray voltage issues. To learn more about stray voltage, visit Michigan Agricultural Energy Council.

Wondering if your farm has stray voltage issues? Download our checklist for help recognizing potential stray voltage causing hazards.

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