How Natural Gas Rates Are Set

Business Natural Gas Charges

Your business has three types of charges on its natural gas bill: gas cost recovery, distribution and customer costs.

Distribution: The charges include operation and maintenance for pipelines and storage systems.

Customer Costs: The charges include customer-related activities such as reading meters, billing and customer service.

Gas Cost Recovery: The cost of natural gas is measured in units of one thousand cubic feet (Mcf). The price we charge for gas is the price we pay for it, including the cost of providing the gas.

Gas Cost Recovery Charges

  Price/Mcf - Gas Cost Recovery
October 2019 $2.7681
September 2019 $2.6497
August 2019 $2.7262
July 2019 $2.7691
June 2019 $2.8942
May 2019 $3.0311
April 2019 $3.1655
March 2019 $3.1484
February 2019 $3.1484
January 2019 $3.4360
December 2018 $3.1484
November 2018 $3.0662
October 2018 $2.9429
September 2018 $2.9840
August 2018 $2.9429
July 2018 $2.9429
June 2018 $2.8573
May 2018 $2.8699
April 2018 $2.8617
March 2018 $3.3204

Working Together to Keep Costs Down

Our Cost Controlling Efforts

We strive to provide you with the best product at the best price and are always looking for ways to reduce your costs by:

• Buying natural gas during the summer when it generally costs less
• Reducing power plant fuel costs
• Recycling more than 20 major types of waste
• Updating systems to be more efficient