Sustainability Steps

It's Easier Than You Think

Going green doesn’t have to mean installing solar panels on the roof or switching to a complicated climate control system. Here’s a list of things you can put into action at your business right now.



1. Regular Recycling

Reducing how much your business sends to landfills will greatly mitigate your environmental impact. Get more information from the Environmental Protection Agency.

FACT: 91% of plastic used globally is not recycled and instead ends up in a landfill.


2. Cut Waste

Any reduction in things like paper invoices and packaging will clear up clutter and save money on waste management. Enroll in eBill to receive your statements by email

FACT: 41% of trees harvested in the U.S. are used to make paper. Reducing usage means less trees harvested.


3. Buy Green Energy

Getting your power from renewable sources is a great way to use clean power without having to install your own equipment. Check out our Solar Gardens program to get started.

FACT: By the year 202115% of Michigan’s power will be generated by renewable sources.


4. Use Green-Certified Supplies

From sticky notes to stepladders, products made from recycled materials mean less goes to landfills. Source disposables from environmentally-friendly vendors.

FACT: There are about 2000 landfills in the United States.


5. Cut Energy Usage

Timed lights, energy-efficient appliances and smart thermostats can all help shrink your carbon footprint. Get more ideas on our Business Energy Efficiency page.

FACT: LED lights can save up to 80% over incandescent bulbs over their lifetime.

woman checking energy use on tablet

6. Get Employees Involved

Replace Styrofoam coffee cups with reusable mugs. Set up an easy-to-follow recycling system. Provide transit passes and bike storage as well as incentive to participate.

FACT: Installing a PEV charging station at your business encourages your employees to purchase electric vehicles and lower emissions.