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Cold Weather Increases Energy Use

The Polar Vortex Brought Much Colder Weather

In January, the Polar Vortex sept into Michigan, with average temps that were 12 degrees lower than December.

Energy Use was 47% Higher

The dramatic difference between December and January temperatures had furnaces working overtime to keep us warm, increasing energy use by 47%.

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Ways You Can Save in Cold Weather

Change Your Furnace Filters

A well-maintained heating system can save a lot. Change your air filter regularly, and have a professional perform scheduled tune-ups.

Ways To Save on Heating

Manage Your Water Heating

Water heating is the second largest energy cost for most households. Heating your water to 120°F will give you hot showers while saving energy too.

More Water Heating Saves

Lighting Savings and Rebates

The coldest time of year is often also the gloomiest, but you can light your home – and lighten your bill – with efficient LED bulbs.

Brighten Up and Save