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Your Bill, Explained

When you have questions about your energy bill, you’ll find the answers you need, including:

  • Information about the charges on your bill
  • Factors that can raise or lower your bill
  • How we can help you reduce your energy use

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Understanding Electric Charges

There are two types of charges on an electric bill: Power supply (kWh) and delivery charges.

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Understanding Natural Gas Charges

There are three types of charges on a natural gas bill: Gas cost recovery, distribution and customer costs.

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Every month, your energy use can change. Here are some reasons why:

  • Weather: Your bill changes depending on how you heat or cool your business.
  • Number of days in a billing cycle: Some months have more days in their billing cycles. More days can mean a higher bill.
  • Estimated meter reads followed by an actual meter read: When estimates don’t match what you used, an actual meter read adjusts your bill according to your use. 
  • Equipment: When you add equipment to your business, your energy use increases; when you replace older equipment with newer, more efficient equipment, you use less energy.
  • Production: When you add a shift or speed up your production demands, your energy use increases; when your production slows, your energy demands decrease.

Small changes in your energy use can make a big difference. We offer some great resources that can help you reduce your costs, including:

Make and Receive Payments Electronically

Receive your bill and make payments electronically through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It’s an option for large businesses who can receive ANSI X12 formats. There is a specific setup required to get the electronic payment process started. For more details, see our online guide or contact us.

We Can Help You Lower Your Energy Bill

Many businesses reduce their energy use and save money after they work with our Business Account Managers. Your Business Account Manager will work with you to create a customized plan, helping you reach your energy goals. Talk to us today.

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Additional Features for Upgraded Meters

Upgraded meters give you details about your energy use, along with other advantages, like:

  • Providing you with a snapshot of energy use from the previous day to track your use by the month.
  • Sending you automated alerts when your energy use seems to be higher than usual.
  • Allowing you to set your billing due date to match your needs.*
  • Notifying us immediately if your service is interrupted.

*An upgraded meter and qualified rate is required.

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Which Date Works Best?

Select a due date for your bill that fits your schedule and your budget (an upgraded meter and qualified rate are required).

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