Small Business Energy Efficiency Program

Energy Efficiency in Three Easy Steps

Connect with a Contractor

Discuss your energy efficiency plan, and assess your current use to identify saving opportunities.


Benefits of Small Business Energy Savings

An Easy Investment That Pays for Itself

Energy efficiency makes sense for your bottom line. The average upgrade in the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program saves enough energy to pay for itself in about a year.

As an added bonus, improving your energy efficiency doesn’t just save money. You’ll also be creating a more comfortable and productive work environment for your employees to do what they do best. And you’ll be doing your part to build a more sustainable future for Michigan.

Potential Upgrades

Your custom upgrade plan may include:

  • Replacing inefficient lighting with new LED's
  • Installing energy efficient lighting controls
  • Efficient Refrigeration upgrades, where applicable
  • Exterior LED lighting replacement

Start Saving

2019 is here and the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program is open. Contact us today to learn how you can save energy for your business.

Other Ways to Save