Industrial Energy Management

A System of Perpetual Improvement

If you’re one of Michigan’s large industrial manufacturers, let’s work together to incorporate energy efficiency into the very core of your business planning and practices.

This is more than a one-time energy upgrade program. We’ll work with you to develop and implement an energy management system: a comprehensive and systematic approach to continuously improving the energy efficiency of your business.

Many Paths to Improvement

industrial energy management forum

Industrial Energy Management Forums

Together, we're building a community of businesses. All of us share the goal of saving energy while creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for Michigan. We come together regularly in Industrial Energy Management forums, held across the state.

Attend the forums to learn in depth about specific energy management technologies or practices. Learn how to apply these energy saving solutions at your facility. Share your business' successes with your colleagues and learn from the successes of others. Together we'll figure out how to save more energy every day.

industrial energy training

Industrial Energy Training

At your request, we’ll send a team to your facility for a half-day energy efficiency training and technical walkthrough. Together, we’ll analyze your present energy use patterns and practices.

Next, we’ll explain the available pathways to an industrial energy management system that will integrate continuous improvement into your business practices.

Finally, we’ll take a walk through your facility together, identifying some opportunities to save your business energy.

energy star challenge for industries

ENERGY STAR® Challenge for Industry

The ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry asks your business to meet an ambitious energy saving goal: reduce your energy use by 10% in five years or less.

We’ll support you in rising to the challenge with an energy audit or kaizen event, technical support in implementing your energy management system and compliance assistance.

When you meet the challenge, you’ll receive recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. If you achieve your goal in two years or less, your approved energy efficiency projects may be eligible for additional rebates.

iso certification

ISO 50001 Certification

When your business achieves ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification, it shows that you’ve successfully implemented a system for continuous improvement. Your energy efficiency has already improved, and it’s now at the core of your business to keep saving more.

We’ll work with you, providing an energy audit, gap analysis and technical support as you plan and implement your energy management system.

When you complete the certification process, the energy efficiency programs at your facility may be eligible for additional rebates.

Implement Energy Management for Continuous Savings

When you’re ready to incorporate energy efficiency into the core of your industrial business’s planning and practices, call us at 877-607-0737 or email us.

Eligibility and Program Limits

The Industrial Energy Management program is for our larger industrial customers. To qualify, your previous year’s energy use must be at least 1,000 MWh of electricity or 30,000 Mcf of natural gas. If you’re not sure whether you qualify, give us a call and we’ll figure it out for you.

Rebates are for approved energy efficiency measures and are dependent on eligibility of annual funds for the program. Contact us to learn more.

Other Ways to Save