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Payment processing and online services will be unavailable from August 24 at 10 p.m. to August 25 at 9:30 a.m. for service and security upgrades.

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Smart Buildings Programs

Test Your Building’s IQ, Benchmark and Save Energy

The Smart Buildings program gives your business deep and actionable intelligence about your facility’s energy use. Through the programs, you can optimize your existing HVAC system, including your facility's automation system and heating, cooling and ventilation components. In the end, your business will save energy and money while maintaining a comfortable environment for your employees.

One of our trained Trade Allies will conduct a Facility IQ Test, which analyzes your building's efficiency. They will also give you an ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® Benchmark score, comparing your facility's energy use to that of similar businesses.

This Smart Buildings analysis helps identify no-cost or low-cost improvements that pay back your investment quickly with energy savings. Your Trade Ally will also recommend more extensive measures that can provide deeper savings and qualify for rebates.

To learn more or get started, contact us or download the application. Looking to tune-up the most commonly found operation issues in your Energy Management System, get started.

Smart Tools for Your Smart Building

two contractors reviewing facility iq test

Facility IQ Test

This thorough evaluation, valued at more than $40,000, gives you deep insights into how your facility uses energy. The final report includes suggested performance goals, projected savings and energy efficiency recommendations to help you reach those goals.

benchmarking graphs

ENERGY STAR® Benchmark Rating: How Do You Compare?

Your final report will include an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® Benchmark Rating, which compares your energy use to that of similar businesses. You’ll also learn how to use the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to track your performance goals, monitor your progress and receive guidance on best next steps toward greater efficiency.

group of professionals discussing defined actions

Defined Actions: Make Your Buildings Smarter

The Smart Buildings Defined Actions program is an alternative to the Facilities IQ test to help optimize your building’s operations to run more efficiently in any environmental condition. Tune-up your building by optimizing some or all of the most commonly found low-cost operational issues. This method is particularly suited for smaller buildings over 15,000 square feet.

Get started with the application.

Time for a Smart Building

If you're interested in the Smart Building programs, please contact us for more information at 877-607-0737 or email us.

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