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Upgraded Meters Make for Better Business Decisions

We are installing upgraded meters on your business. These meters lay the foundation to enhance reliability and improve your customer experience. The new meters are equipped with two-way communication capabilities, which means:

  • You get increased meter read accuracy and no estimated bills.
  • You can select the bill due date that works best for your business.
  • You get up-to-date energy use information on your dashboard.
  • If you have an outage, we’ll know faster so we can respond more quickly.

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How do the New Meters Work?

  • The upgraded meters are similar to existing electric meters on homes and businesses but have two-way communication capabilities.
  • A module within the meter sends total business energy use through a secure network.
  • You can view your hourly energy use online the following day.
    • Review your energy use by hour, day or month.
    • Discover energy-saving tips.
    • Receive automated alerts when your energy use is trending higher than expected.


What to Expect on the Day of Installation

  • Please make sure the area around the meter is clear for installation.
  • No need to be at your business, unless the meter is inside.
  • The service technician will be wearing a safety vest, an ID badge and will be driving a marked vehicle.
  • The installer will leave a packet with more information when the installation is complete.

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