Learn about how Consumers Energy is involved in renewable energy, and which programs are available for your business.

Do Better Business

Now more than ever, customers expect companies to be environmentally sustainable. That’s why we’re investing in ways to make it easier for businesses to take advantage of renewable resources. Find out what renewable energy can do for your business while helping us preserve and protect Michigan’s air, forests and waterways.

Renewable Energy Programs

Solar Gardens

Offset the carbon footprint of your business with Michigan-made solar power. Simply subscribe to renewable power generated by our Solar Gardens and receive credits on your bill. No installation or maintenance required.

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Net Metering

Already generating your own renewable power? Net Metering ensures your business can always meet your energy needs and earns you credit toward your bill when you generate a surplus. Find out how you can share your green energy resources and receive energy credits.

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Sustainable Business Guide

Find out what simple steps you can take to make your business a little greener.

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Electricity Sales

If your business is generating electricity through solar, wind or biomass, you may be eligible to sell some or all of your output.

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