Energy Safety

Energy is powerful, and it can be dangerous. Be smart. Learn how to be safe around energy.

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Natural Gas

How does natural gas get from the ground to your kitchen stove? Learn all about the fuel that heats our homes.

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What’s the magic behind the outlet? Where does electricity come from? We have power plants around the state to make the electricity your family needs.

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Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy includes renewable resources like solar, wind and water. But that’s only part of the story for us. We have big plans to make your future even brighter.

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STEM Education

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. STEM careers are in big demand and can lead to big things for you.

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Energy Games

Design a pipeline or a power path. Spot the hazards and be a safety hero. Do this and more by playing our energy games online or in our app, EmPOWERed Kids™.

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