STEM Careers

Want to be in Demand? Get into STEM.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? It’s not an easy decision. Talk to your parents and teachers. Meet with your guidance counselor. They’ll help match your skills and interests with careers that are needed—like jobs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Some of the greatest ideas and innovations from medicine to moon walks have come from people with STEM skills. At Consumers Energy, some of our most important jobs are people with STEM skills. We recruit STEM talent to fill a wide range of jobs—scientists, mechanics, plant operators, lineworkers, engineers and more.

We’re not alone. STEM skills are in big demand and expected to continue to grow at 1.7 times the rate of other jobs. That’s why we’re working with Michigan FIRST Robotics to inspire students like you to get in to STEM.

The Only High School Sport Where Anyone Can Go Pro

Consumers Energy is working with FIRST Robotics in Michigan to make robotics programs available to all middle schools in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Robotics is a proven path to STEM careers and greater opportunities. Check into it. If your school doesn’t have a program, Michigan FIRST Robotics can help you get one started.

Girls Need Apply

Women make up half the workforce in the U.S., but represent only 24% of STEM workers. This is a big opportunity for young women.

Not only are there currently more jobs in STEM than in any other industry, but most of these high-tech jobs are high-paying. And STEM careers offer women the opportunity to engage in some of the most exciting realms of discovery and technological innovation.

STEM Jobs Pay Big, Make a Big Difference.

STEM graduates on average earn more than other graduates. And they can help make a big impact on the world—from math teachers to video game designers, nuclear engineers to wind turbine techs.


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