Start, Stop or Transfer Service

Whether you’re moving in or moving on, don’t spend time wondering if your utilities will keep up with you.

Move In, Move Out … Move On

It’s never been easier to start, stop or transfer your natural gas and electric service. Call us at 800-805-0490 to get started.

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Our customer service team is happy to help you. Contact them at 800-805-0490 or via email.

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Manage all the services for all of your properties from one place. We can make it happen.

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Having your natural gas or electricity turned on, off or transferred has never been easier.

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New Service

New Service

Need a meter, electric or natural gas line, or temporary service for new construction? Complete the application form to get started.

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Gas Service Retirement

Service Retirement

Need to permanently stop service or put it on hold? We’ll make it happen.

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How We Keep Your Information Safe

Keeping your information safe is important to us, which is why we follow the standards outlined by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA).

As part of our effort to protect your identity, residential customers requesting new service will be asked to provide the following information:

To request service online, you’ll need your Social Security Number, and a valid driver’s license number or Michigan-issued photo ID.

Additional Service Request Options
You can also request service by calling us at 800-477-5050, faxing a notarized copy of a document(s) listed below to 877-635-9549 or visiting one of our direct payment offices. There you will be asked for one of the following:
  • Social Security Number and valid driver’s license number
  • Social Security Number and valid Michigan-issued photo ID
  • Passport
  • U.S. Military ID
  • Native American Tribal ID
  • Visa or Work Visa
  • International driver’s license
  • Employment authorization picture ID
  • U.S. B1/B2 Visa/BCC/Border crossing picture ID/DHS (Department of Homeland Security Card)
  • Permanent residence card
  • Birth certificate and another form of above identification