Materials Testing

Ensuring Your Materials are Fit for Purpose

We’ve assembled experts for you with diverse experience in testing a wide range of materials—electrical, physical and environmental. We’ll work with you to ensure the components used in your infrastructure or products are fit for purpose and capable of performing to lifespan expectations. Our capabilities include electrical, mechanical, environmental and physical testing, as well as product evaluation and failure analysis including natural gas and electric utility materials. We also conduct technical studies and field evaluations. Here are few examples:

  • Electrical testing including High Voltage and Current Testing
  • Physical/Environmental Testing
  • Product Evaluation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Concrete Testing
  • Valve and Fitting Evaluation
  • Qualification of Industrial Electronic Component

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Scopes of Accreditation

Learn more about our scopes of accreditation: Calibration, Chemical, Environmental, Mechanical and Non-Destructive.

This service is not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.