two men repairing powerline


We’re well into our second century of powering Michigan. And we’ve got plans to take care of your family for centuries to come. We’ve leaned mostly on fossil fuels in the past, but the future is looking more green.

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natural gas worker

Natural Gas

It takes about 2,000 employees to manage operations safely and reliably over thousands of miles of pipeline.

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solar panels in a field during winter


We’re committed to creating a sustainable energy platform for the next generation. Hydroelectric has been a key part of our portfolio. We’ve added wind, solar and more to boost our renewable resources to approximately 10% of our energy mix.

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upgraded meter

Energy Efficiency

Using energy more efficiently is a great way to help build a more sustainable future for all of us. So, we’re making progress and you can too. Small changes and new habits can help reduce your energy use without compromising your comfort.

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