boy playing in water at lake edge


We are the Great Lakes State. Here in Michigan, our lakes, rivers and streams define us. We’re beach-goers, anglers and stone-skippers. We must keep this precious resource thriving for centuries of Michigan summers to come.

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trees in the fall


Call us nature lovers. It fits. Our foresters and arborists walk acres and miles, every job. They protect the woods from invasive species and disease, ensuring their vitality.

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little girl blowing snow


You can smell seasons in Michigan. Spring smells like lilacs and apple blossoms. And summer smells like fresh cut grass. Clean air makes it possible for us to tell the difference.

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deer in snow


Ever heard the song of the Kirtland’s warbler? Or caught an ancient lake sturgeon? We play an important role in protecting the Michigan songbird and other wildlife.

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recycling symbol

Waste Management

Our company is working toward a strict low waste, high recycling diet. Our Green Teams help champion local programs, and spearhead corporate initiatives to reduce landfill growth.

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child hands holding seedling in flower pot

Environmental Footprint

Our Environmental Policy is a promise to keep priorities in check. That means providing you with reliable energy while keeping our environment protected for generations to come.

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