We’re in a Healthy Relationship with the Environment

Sustainable energy companies must set bold corporate environmental goals, while complying with federal and state laws and regulations. To keep us on track and on task, we’ve developed an Environmental Management System (EMS). It is the framework we use to balance the energy and economic needs of our customers with the protection of the environment.

Environmental Policy is the core of our EMS. We maintain and continually improve an EMS that aligns with the basic elements of the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 14001 Standard. The ISO 14000 series consists of environmental standards that help organizations comply with applicable regulations, minimize impact on the environment and continually improve their processes to achieve compliance and reduce impacts on the environment. Additionally, an external 3rd party conducts environmental compliance audits on an annual basis. The policy is included in the company's Code of Conduct, which communicates our foundational corporate values.

Consumers Energy Environmental Policy

“The life of any business cannot be separated from its impact on the natural environment in which it operates. From executive management throughout the organization, we operate with a fundamental commitment to leave our company, state and surroundings better than we found them. We take seriously our role in protecting and enhancing the environment while meeting the energy needs and preserving the economic well-being and quality of life of all the communities in which we operate and serve. Wherever we do business, our activities will be consistent with sound environmental practices and we will:”

  • Govern and hold ourselves responsible for doing business the right way as we meet our compliance obligations and interact with regulatory agencies
  • Protect the natural environment from potential harm and degradation as we understand and reduce, where practical, the environmental impacts of our activities
  • Encourage social responsibility as our employees serve in our communities
  • Implement and maintain management systems with the focus on continual improvement to enhance environmental performance
  • Establish environmental objectives compatible with the strategic direction of our company
  • Communicate and share our environmental values and policy with our employees and interested stakeholders

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