Alternative Fuel Vehicles

We’re Taking Natural Gas and Electricity on the Road

What if you could help cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and save money —without changing your lifestyle? That pretty much sums up the value proposition of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). They’re better for the environment, economy and your budget. We already have several plug-ins, hybrids and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles in our fleet and expect to replace more trucks and cars with AFVs in the future. We’re also helping build a robust refueling infrastructure to make AFVs a more viable option for you.

What’s in Your Fleet?

Our vehicle fleet includes plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volts and Ford Fusions, plug-in pickup trucks and construction vehicles. We have plans to grow the number of CNG pickup trucks, cargo vans, and medium and heavy duty vehicles in our fleet. We’re also helping grow AFV fleets outside of the company. We consult with businesses to help fleet customers select the right alternative-fuel fit for their needs.

3 Reasons Why We’re Going AFV

  1. Save money. We have about 3,000 vehicles in our fleet. Together they put an estimated 44 million miles on the fleet, using about 5 million gallons of gas. That runs us approximately $12 million, or 20% of the total fleet budget.

  2. Lead the way. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for light-duty vehicles are steadily increasing, and are now being developed for use among medium- and heavy-duty vehicles starting in 2018. These mandates are prompting manufacturers to expand investment in alternative-fuel technology. We have relationships with Clean Cities organizations, Edison Electric Institute (EEI), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and others to help innovate cost-effective alternatives for integrating the technology in market. We’re also on the EEI Fleet Electrification Task Force to help motivate more utilities to put more AFV fleets on the road.

  3. You deserve options. Demand for AFVs is on the rise. We want to help motivate consideration and accelerate popularity. So we’ve added a few perks for PEV drivers, including a special time-of-use rate and charging station reimbursement. We’re also expanding the number of publicly available charging stations at many of our service stations around the state. Our Livonia Service Center has a public CNG fuel station.