A Better Way for Michigan

We have a plan to create a cleaner energy future for the state we all love

Our President and CEO Patti Poppe is proud of her Michigan roots and cherishes the opportunity to lead the company where her father spent his career. She’s passionate about helping people, protecting the environment and empowering our state’s prosperity.

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crew installing solar panels

Warming Mittens - and Hearts

Invented by a Kalamazoo mom, the Green Glove Dryer is making winter more fun — and less smelly — for kids, parents and teachers in Michigan.

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We’re helping customers save energy, money

Lighting the Way

A Saginaw food bank provides hope for hungry families by rescuing unused food and providing it to community organizations in the region.

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We care for the communities we serve.

Embracing Change

After nearly two decades working at a coal-fired power plant, Frank Rand is proudly playing a new role in Michigan’s energy future.

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