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Military Hiring

We Have a Strong Sense of Service to Our Veterans

Consumers Energy is an ideal career destination for military members, past and present. Watch this video to see how we are putting myths about veterans to rests, and demonstrating how much we value the skills gained in the military.

A Familiar Culture

Consumers Energy has been named a gold-level Veteran-Friendly Employer by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency.If you’re a military veteran, Consumers Energy is the ideal career destination for you. We value the unique skills you bring to our company, skills that can be a springboard to a successful career. You will have opportunities in the field, at a plant or in an office. We will invest in your development and give you the opportunity to thrive in a role leading a team essential to providing energy to Michigan.

Our culture is based on many of the same tenets as the military. We have a sense of service, and all our employees exhibit an accountability to each other and to the people of Michigan. Residents rely on us to heat and power their homes and businesses, and we feel a strong sense of service to them.

We take pride in offering our employees a strong compensation package, including comprehensive benefits.

Identify how your military career transitions to the energy industry.


“About six months after leaving the Army I was hired into Consumers Energy where I have served nearly 22 years. The Army provided me with a foundation of leadership, dedication, determination, a strong work ethic & perseverance. I have used those characteristics here at CE, earning my bachelor’s degree while working full time and serving on the teams I have had the privilege to work with.”

Kristine, PMP
Cost Analyst, ED Project Management U.S. Army

“After four years in the Marines, I decided to join the U.S. Army, where I was a mechanic. The skills I learned really helped me in my job at Consumers Energy. They transferred really well with my working and maintaining all of the equipment at my job site.”

Lionel, Gas Storage Field Leader
U.S. Marine Corps. U.S. Army

“I spent a total of 21 years in the military before retiring. The first 10 years was as a Guided Missile Computer Technician in the U.S. Navy. After leaving active duty, I joined the Consumers Energy family. It was the skills that I learned from Basic Electronics and Electricity that helped me get a job as an Electric Lines Dispatcher. The ability to be flexible and work until the job was completed helped during storm restoration.”

Bill, Principal Field Leader, Gas Distribution
U.S. Navy and U.S. Army National Guard, Military

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