Tree Safety

What to Do if a Power Line Is Down

If a tree branch (or an entire tree) falls on an electric line, call 9-1-1 and call us immediately at 800-477-5050. Do not touch the branch or the electric line.

Important safety facts to know about trees and power lines:

  • Power lines are not insulated; if you touch one, you will be severely injured or even killed. Always assume a power line is energized and dangerous.
  • Don’t cut down trees or branches near power lines. Leave that to our crews.
  • Don’t allow children to climb in trees near power lines.
  • When removing an object caught in a tree, like a ball or kite, stay well clear of power lines (you can always get another kite!)
  • Never let your ladder touch a power line.

How to Plant Safely

Planting trees on your property is a big investment of time and money – an investment that’s lost if the trees must be removed later due to power line issues. More importantly, downed power lines can put you and your family in danger. Take the time to plan ahead, and make sure the variety of tree you choose will not interfere with power lines when it reaches full maturity.

See our Planting Smart page for more tips on safe planting.

Safe Digging

You’ve got your shovel, you’ve picked your spot away from overhead electric lines, and you’re ready to get digging. But you’ve missed one very important step: Michigan law requires you to contact MISS DIG 811 three full working days before you dig, so public utility lines can be marked. There’s no charge for this service, and it can save both you and your utility companies a lot of trouble. The law applies to both homeowners and business owners. If you’re having work done in your yard, make sure the contractor has contacted MISS DIG 811 beforehand.

When MISS DIG 811 notifies Consumers Energy, we send a worker to mark the approximate locations of underground electric and natural gas lines with small flags. This protects you and your neighbors from injury or loss of energy service. If you don’t call MISS DIG 811 prior to digging, you could be liable for any injuries or damages that result. So play it safe and dial before you dig.