Electric Operation Statistics

Electric Operations Statistics

Consumers Energy delivers electricity to homes and business throughout Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. To meet our customers’ needs, we generate power from fossil fuel generating plants, hydroelectric plants, a pumped storage generating plant and several combustion-turbine plants that generate electricity during peak demand periods. We also purchase power from a number of sources.

Residential and Commercial Use

Total Electric Customers Excluding Retail Open Access (12 Month Average) 1.8 Million
Residential (# of Homes) 1,600,000
Commercial 215,000
Industrial 1,500
Total Electric ROA Customers (12 Month Average) 1,000
Counties Served 62
Population Served at December 31, 2015 (Electric) 4.0 millon
Annual Electric Sales (2015) 33 billion kWh
Annual Coal Use 9 million tons
Average Amount of Coal Used to Generate 1 kWh 1.15 pounds

Electric Operating Data

Distribution Structure and Subsurface Miles 71,109 miles of lines
Number of Electric Meters in Use 1,945,606
Number of Transformers in Use 564,598
Number of Smart Meters 823,000

Power Generation Capability

Steam-electric Plants
(Coal or Natural Gas/Oil)
Net Demonstrated Summer
Capability (Megawatts)
Karn 1,702
Campbell 1,365
Zeeland 527
Jackson 542
Total Steam-electric 4,136
Turbine Units (Natural Gas/Oil) 362
Total Hydroelectric 76
Wind/Solar 41
Ludington Pumped Storage (Consumers Energy Share) 1035
Total System Generating Capacity 5,650