Cross Winds Energy Park Construction Process

Laying Groundwork Before Breaking Ground

Before the wind turbines can begin to generate electricity, several stages of construction must be completed. The construction schedule for each stage includes:

  • Access Roads
  • Foundations
  • Underground Collector System
  • Turbine Construction (Towers, Nacelle, Rotor, Blades)
Safety is our number one priority during construction. Our team is committed to building Cross Winds Energy Park in the safest manner possible to avoid lost-time incidents and injuries involving the public or our employees. Phase III will be constructed in 2019. Interested in seeing more?

View maps of project boundaries and wind turbine locations.

Phase III Construction Plans

The anticipated construction schedule for Phase III is as follows:
  • Spring/Summer 2019 Construction: Underground work, access driveways and wind turbine foundations
  • Summer/Early Fall 2019 Construction: Wind turbine construction
  • Commercial Operation Date: January 2, 2020
Laydown Yard: The laydown yard is the “command center” for Phase III of the construction project. It is located on Unionville Road (M-24) just north of Hoppe Road. Be alert for construction traffic around this area.

Questions or Comments? Contact Us

We strive to respond to each contact within 24 hours, Monday through Friday and we work to respond to contacts made on weekends or holidays on the next business day.

Complaint Submittal Form

This online form can be used to contact Consumers Energy regarding a complaint involving the operation or maintenance of the Consumers Energy Cross Winds Energy Park wind farm. The Complaint Form has been developed in accordance with the Akron or Columbia Township Zoning Ordinance. If you prefer, a paper copy of the form may be requested through the phone number or email listed above.

Following receipt of the form by Consumers Energy, you will receive an acknowledgement within five (5) business days. Consumers Energy will investigate the complaint and provide a response within 30 days.