Lake Winds® Energy Park

As part of our commitment to renewable energy and a brighter future for our state, we are leading the way with the construction of safe, clean energy sources. So far, we have completed the Cross Winds Energy Park – a wind farm in Tuscola County – and shut down seven aging power plants.

The Lake Winds Energy Park in Mason County is our latest initiative to support Michigan’s green future. This 56-turbine project has brought employment, economic and tax benefits to the area. As Mason County is already home to our Ludington Pumped Storage Plant, the site was ideal for the buildout of our energy park.

Safety is always a top priority for us during planning and construction, and the Lake Winds Energy Park was no exception. Our team followed measures to ensure the health and welfare of both workers and nearby residents.

We are proud to support clean energy in Mason County and a healthier future for our state.

Lake Winds Energy Park Benefits

  • Clean, renewable energy to power Michigan’s future
  • 300 construction-related jobs were created at the peak of construction
  • Seven permanent operating and maintenance jobs were established
  • Mason County saw $33 million of direct and indirect economic impact due to payments for construction material and related services
  • $20 million in new tax revenue will be generated in the first 10 years of operation
  • Consumers Energy will pay a minimum of $430,000 collectively each year to landowners pursuant to their easements
  • Nearly $4 million of economic impact in Mason County will be accounted for by the park each year

View the Economic Impact Report for the Lake Winds Energy Park:
As with any project of this scope, concerns may arise. If you have a complaint that our team is unable to solve, you can file an official complaint about Lake Winds Energy Park by submitting a complaint form.

Please use the online form to give details of any issues you have encountered during the operation of the project. You may also call 855-3LAKEWINDS (855-352-5394) to request a hard copy of the form.