Pay My WayTM Program Terms and Conditions

New Customers: New customers applying for Pay My Way will need to complete an application at A minimum payment of $30.00 must be made on the Pay My Way account with 5 calendar days.

Existing Customers: Existing customer may convert to Pay My Way. When an account is converted to Pay My Way, the existing deposit (if applicable) is applied toward any outstanding balance and any remaining credit (if applicable) will be applied to the Pay My Way account. Any outstanding balance on the traditional account will be moved over to the prepaid account and set up on our debt recovery plan. In this plan, 20% of each payment made will be applied to the deferred balance.

Security Deposit and Late Fees: The normal security deposit for a residential account is not required and no late fees are applied to prepaid accounts.

Payments: The minimum payment amount is $10. Payments can be made 24 hours a day via credit card or debit card online at or call 844-309-5513. Cash and check payments can also be made at any Consumers Energy Direct Payment Office location during business hours. Payments made online through other channels are also accepted; however, these payments will not be posted immediately (it can take up to 10 days for Consumers Energy to receive these payments).

Billing: Pay My Way accounts will not receive a monthly bill. Daily account history will be available at This website will allow the customer to modify their notification settings. The customer is solely responsible for managing and updating the notification settings on their Pay My Way account.

Bill Viewing and Bill Calculation: All Pay My Way accounts will be calculated daily with daily adjustments of all charges and fees deducted from the prepaid credit balance. The account will be reconciled once per month.

Pay My Way accounts mutually exclusive for payment arrangements, credit extensions, life support status, or for participation in any other programs or service related to payments or billing.

Disconnection and Minimum Payments for Reconnection:  A prepaid account will be subject to immediate disconnection any time the account reaches a zero balance. Service that has been disconnected due to a credit deficit will remain disconnected until any outstanding balance and a minimum credit balance of 10 times average daily use is paid. Amount to pay can be found at

Returned Checks: If a returned check or a chargeback is received on an account, the amount of the return will be charged back to that account immediately. If this causes the credit on the account to be exhausted, service will be subject to immediate disconnection. Consumers Energy has the right to decline payments by check if the account reflects two or more return items in the last 12 months.

If an account is disconnected for nonpayment for 10 consecutive days, the account will be considered inactive and will be permanently disconnected. If permanent disconnection occurs, the customer will have to contact Consumers Energy.

Termination of Service: Service terminated at the request of the customer will receive a refund of any remaining credit on the account after all final bill amounts have been calculated. All refund checks will be sent to the mailing address on file.

Conversion to a Post Pay account: A customer may elect to convert their account to a post pay account at any time. Consumers Energy will require full payment of the deposit and balance owed, if applicable, as a condition of continued service.

Prepaid customers will comply with and be bound by Consumers Energy’s Terms and Conditions of Retail Electric Service. All charges and fees, such as returned check fees, meter tampering fees, etc. apply to prepaid accounts. Service will not be connected if electrical code is not met.

In compliance with the Terms and Conditions of mobile carrier, the customer must opt in to receive text messages. An opt-in code will be sent via text message to all customers electing to receive notifications through text message. Standard carrier rates and fees may apply.

Communication / Balance Alerts: The customer is responsible for managing and updating the notification methods on their Pay My Way account. Consumers Energy will communicate to customers when the credit balance on file is approaching zero ($0.00). Customers will be notified by default at 10 days, 5 days, 3 days, 2 days, 1 day and 0 day energy use remaining.