Electric Rate Options

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Residential Rate

If you’re a residential customer you are most likely on the Residential Rate (RS).

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Time of Use Rates

Save money with our Time of Use Pricing Options when you use electricity when costs are low, especially nights and weekends.

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Renewable Energy

Our Promise is to produce renewable energy for Michigan. We offer a variety of options to choose from.

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Plug-in Electric Vehicles

We offer a special rate that will save you money when you charge your Plug-in Electric Vehicle during off-peak hours. 

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AC Peak Cycling

Save money by taking advantage of reduced electricity rates through our central AC cycling program.

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How Rates are Set

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Working together to Keep costs down

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Compare Your Rate

Use this calculator to compare your current natural gas rate with those of other suppliers.

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Your Natural Gas Options

You have a choice on your natural gas supplier.

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Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles

Check out everything we're doing with compressed natural gas.

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