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Electric Vehicles

Charging Options

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PowerMIDrive Rebates

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Rates and Plans

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What is an Electric Vehicle?

Charging is easy

The number of public stations is increasing and expected to grow rapidly. Charging can be done anywhere there is an outlet.

  • At home
  • At work
  • Public charging stations

EVs on the Market

There are many electric vehicles on the market today and their numbers are growing. These include:

  • Battery electric
  • Plug-in hybrid
  • And more

How They Run

EVs look like traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, but they don’t run like them. Instead, they run partially or fully on battery power and can often be recharged from external power sources.

Why Drive an Electric Vehicle?

EVs boast benefits beyond those to your wallet and the environment:

  • Convenient home charging
  • Promotion of better health through reduced emissions
  • Unique safety features
  • Support for energy independence
  • Encourage more efficient use of the energy grid

Benefits to Your Wallet & the Environment

Cost Savings Calculator

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Annual Savings

Fuel costs to drive an electric vehicle are 40%-50% less than gasoline vehicles, dependent on the current price of gasoline. EVs also have fewer parts than an internal combustion engine, requiring less maintenance.

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Consistent Price

Unlike the price of gasoline, the price of electricity is set by the State of Michigan. Rates are available that reward EV drivers for charging their vehicles during off-peak hours (7pm - 11am).

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Tax Incentives

To offset the upfront cost of an electric vehicle, some consumers may be eligible for Federal Tax incentives up to $7,500 on some vehicles.

Tax Incentive Details
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Fewer Emissions

Plug-in electric vehicles have no tailpipe and produce no direct emissions like carbon monoxide.

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Cleaner Electricity

We're moving aggressively to change the way we generate electricity. By the year 2040 our plan is to eliminate the use of coal to generate electricity and reduce carbon emissions by 90%.

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Energy Programs

We're dedicated to investing in clean sources of energy. You can subscribe to renewable energy to make your power source even more sustainable and help us reduce the carbon footprint by participating in Solar Gardens.

PowerMIDrive™ Rebates

Whether you drive an EV, or run a business that will offer charging stations, the PowerMIDrive program may have a rebate for you. Installing a charging station at home or business is a smart invest-ment in your future. And now, you can save a lot of money when you do it.

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Electric Vehicle FAQ

Find answers to the most frequently asked electric vehicle questions.

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EV Ready Checklist

Before you pull up in your electric vehicle, make sure your home is ready.

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