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What is an Electric Vehicle?

Charging is easy

The number of public stations is increasing and expected to grow rapidly. Charging can be done anywhere there is an outlet.

  • At home
  • At work
  • Public charging stations

EVs on the Market

There are many electric vehicles on the market today and their numbers are growing. These include:

  • Battery electric
  • Plug-in hybrid
  • And more

How They Run

EVs look like traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, but they don’t run like them. Instead, they run partially or fully on battery power and can often be recharged from external power sources.

Why Drive an Electric Vehicle?

EVs boast benefits beyond those to your wallet and the environment:

  • Convenient home charging
  • Promotion of better health through reduced emissions
  • Unique safety features
  • Support for energy independence
  • Encourage more efficient use of the energy grid

Benefits for Your Wallet

  • Reduced annual & maintenance cost. Fuel costs for an electric vehicle are approximately $500 less per year than a gasoline vehicle and have fewer parts than an internal combustion engine, requiring less servicing.

    For example, fueling an EV could be $295/year (12,000 miles/year, 3.25 miles/kWh, and $0.08/kWh) while fueling a gasoline vehicle could be $830/year (12,000 miles/year, 35 miles/gallon, and $2.42/ gallon fuel).

  • Consistent pricing. Unlike the price of gasoline, the price of electricity is regulated by the state of Michigan.

  • Upfront assistance. To offset the upfront cost of an electric vehicle, some consumers may be eligible for Federal Tax incentives up to $7,500 on some vehicles.

Benefits for the Environment

  • Improved air quality and fewer CO₂ emissions. Electric vehicles reduce air pollution by generating less than half as many pounds of CO₂ as gas-powered vehicles.

  • Cleaner electricity. As Michigan utilities focus on greater reliance of renewable electric generation sources, electric vehicles become cleaner to charge. This reduces the carbon footprint even further.

  • Renewable Energy Programs. We’re dedicated to investing in clean sources of energy. You can help us reduce the carbon footprint with Solar Gardens and the Green Generation Program.

Coming Soon: PowerMIDrive™

The future of electric vehicles in Michigan is brighter than ever. May 2019 will see the launch of PowerMIDrive, an electric vehicle charging program that includes charger rebates for both residential and business customers. Stay tuned for more details.


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