Public Charger Rebates

With the Consumers Energy PowerMIDrive™ program, commercial customers can earn a rebate of up to $5,000 for the installation of Level 2 charger on their property.

Up to $5000 Rebate

You can qualify for a Public Level 2 Rebate if you plan to install at least one Public Level 2 Charging Station from PowerMIDrive's approved list at your business for public and customer use, at your workplace for employee use, or for your tenants if you own an apartment complex or condominium with more than four units (Multi-Dwelling Unit).

To receive the rebate, you must:

  • Be a Consumers Energy electric service business customer
  • Install at least one Public Level 2 Charging Station from PowerMIDrive's approved list
  • Act fast to receive a rebate – the total number available is limited
  • Rebates are paid upon completion of installation



  • Applicant must install Level 2 charging station within Consumers Energy's electric service territory
  • Applicant must own, lease or operate the site within Consumers Energy’s electric service territory
  • Applicant must comply with all applicable construction and electrical requirements within the local jurisdiction
  • Applicant may be eligible for one or two Level 2 charging station rebates per site
  • Applicant must agree to authorize Level 2 charging station’s network provider to share electric consumption data with Consumers Energy
  • Applicant must agree to authorize Consumers Energy to enable demand response capability at the Level 2 charging station
  • Level 2 charging stations must have a dedicated parking space for each charge cord
  • Level 2 charging stations must be selected from PowerMIDrive Program’s Approved List
  • Level 2 charging stations must be deployed in visible, safe and accessible locations
  • Applicant must commit to digital or physical signage to create visibility & guidance for effective utilization of Level 2 charging station
  • Applicant must commit to a charging station maintenance agreement and 48hr uptime commitment
  • Applicant must commit to incorporate supply infrastructure to upgrade to 80amp charging should it become available
  • Applicant must commit to include electrical supply and panel capacity for future expansion of one or more Level 2 charging station in the future
  • Applicant must commit to participate in the applicable network subscriptions for the duration of the program
  • Applicant must agree to complete installation within 6 months of approval
Please provide the information requested in this form. Once your application has been submitted, a PowerMIDrive Team member will follow up with you via email to verify qualifications. Once approved for the rebate you will receive a notice to proceed with installation. Rebate will be provided upon successful completion of the project.
Read the PowerMIDrive Program Terms and Conditions.