Receive more than $30 in bill credits June through September.

Does not require any additional effort or cost.

This is a Good Option for You If:

You're on the Standard plan and would like to save at least $30 a year on your energy use.

You want to earn a $25 VISA® gift card just for signing up.

You don't mind your air conditioning being cycled, with no noticeable change in comfort.

How Does the Program Work?

We’ll install a switch on your outside central air conditioning unit. On select days in the summer (usually the hottest days) we’ll start a cycling event that will run your air conditioner for shorter periods, keeping your home comfortable. When the event is over, your air conditioner will return to normal.

Just for signing up, you’ll get a $25 VISA® gift card, and you’ll also get over $30 in credits on your summer energy bills every year you participate in the program.

Lower Your Summer Bills

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