Customer Generation

If you are considering generating your own power with a wind turbine, solar panels or other energy source, you may be able to sell some of your surplus electricity to us. If you would like to connect to our distribution system, you will need specific equipment, and you will need to meet specific requirements. Note: We are providing this information as a service, but don’t make any recommendations as to the brand, type or size of generator that you should install. Also, please note that because of generator size, home size or other factors, not everyone can sell surplus electricity back to us. 

If you have a generator, you may also interconnect to our distribution system and sell the output to us, or other companies that buy power.

What You Should Know

To install and connect a self-generated electricity system to our distribution system, you must comply with applicable state rules and tariffs. Connections must be completed in a way that protects our customers and employees from risks that could result from improper installation of customer generation.

Once connected, you have a number of options for the sale of the electricity you generate. The connection process and the electricity generation options are discussed in detail below: