Energy Theft

Energy Theft is a Dangerous Crime

Energy theft happens, and it happens fairly often. In Michigan alone, about 70,000 energy thefts occur. It goes by several names but mostly happens by diverting or tampering with the meter. It’s illegal, costly and dangerous. Energy theft can cause shock, fire, serious injury and death. If you suspect energy theft, call 855-843-3878 or report it online.

Reward for Information About Energy Theft

Thieves even steal copper wire from live power lines and transformers. If you have information about a copper theft, call our Security Command Center at 800-760-3295. You may be eligible for a reward up to $10,000 for information leading to the conviction of anyone involved in copper theft, vandalism or tampering or trespassing at an electric substation or service center. For your safety, we recommend you do not confront any suspected energy thieves. Doing so may put you in danger or interfere with the investigation.