Generating Power for Generations to Come

Our company history is grounded in electric generation. It’s how we got our start back in 1886 when our founders were asked to solve a problem in the city of Jackson. People weren’t visiting downtown after dark because, well, it was dark and presumably unsafe. So, William Augustine Foote and Samuel Jarvis planted poles and strung wires along Main Street, installing “dishpan” lights. The solution sparked a bustling night life and one of the country’s largest natural gas and electric companies.

Our electric generation capacity has since grown to serve 1.8 million customers. After retiring seven generating units in 2016, we reduced our coal-fired generation to two plants, located in Ottawa County and near Bay City. Our balanced energy portfolio also includes two natural gas combined cycle facilities and a variety of renewable sources, including 13 hydroelectric plants, two solar power plants and two wind parks.

You can count on us to keep the lights on in downtown Jackson and throughout the communities we serve. We plan to continue growing strong with Michigan for centuries come.