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Career Development

Developing Professionals and Leaders

Consumers Energy is uniquely positioned to offer careers that satisfy the ambitions of most people, whether they are a high school graduate looking for their first career, an MBA student looking to develop their career or an experienced professional wanting to make an impact on our company’s future success.

To help our employees reach their maximum potential, we have developed the following career development programs.

Individual Development Plans

With their supervisor, employees create customized individual development plans based on their unique knowledge, experience and career interests.

Technical and Safety Training

Employees participate in on-site technical and safety training specifically designed to keep them working safely and effectively.

Educational Assistance Program

Full- and part-time employees can get reimbursed for qualified degree programs at approved colleges and universities.

Project Management Training and Certification

Consumers Energy provides project management training that may lead to Associate, Master and/or PMP (Project Management Professional) certifications.

Company Library Access

Our company library maintains thousands of resources for business, professional and technical development, including books, DVDs, audio CDs, industry magazines and online subscriptions.

Energy U Online Training

In working with the Midwest Energy Association, employees can choose from hundreds of topics for self-paced learning.

The Consumers Energy Utility Institute

This 10-day management development program educates employees on a broad range of topics from utility rates and regulation, customer value management, utility finance, operational improvement tools and leading change.

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Consumers Energy is an Equal Opportunity Employer, please review our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Family and Medical Leave Act.


Federal law and many state laws require employers to make accommodations to disabled applicants and employees where the accommodation does not impose an undue hardship on the employer. For those applicants seeking a position within the State of Michigan, a disabled individual needing accommodation for employment must notify the employer in writing within 182 days after the need is known or should have been known. Michigan law provides that failure of a Michigan employee to properly notify the employer will preclude any claim that the employer failed to accommodate the disabled individual. However, this does not waive an individual’s right under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, which sets no time limit for requesting an accommodation nor does it require such accommodation to be in writing.