24/7/365. That’s Our Schedule.

In the last five years, we have invested more than $450 million into updating our electric system. We’re investing millions into major efforts to strengthen and expand our natural gas system. We’re climbing higher and going further to deliver you the energy that powers your life. Simply put, we do whatever it takes to keep your energy going strong.

consumers energy uses the latest technology to increase reliability


Patrolling 68,000 miles of power lines is easier said than done. Whether it’s one of our unmanned drones, or our capable helicopter team, we use the latest technology to deliver the energy you need to power your life.

consumers energy is constantly working to improve the reliability of the grid


When you spot our yellow hardhats, we’re working for you, restoring power or improving reliability. Our crews regularly brave Michigan’s worst to make sure you get the energy you need. From the ground up, we got this.

consumers energy is investing millions into Michigan’s natural gas delivery system

Natural Gas

We don’t take any chances with your family’s comfort. To improve reliability and keep prices low we buy natural gas in warm weather, then store it until the cold weather hits. Not only that, but we continue to invest millions into Michigan’s natural gas infrastructure. Because when it comes to reliability, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

consumers energy works tirelessly to provide the energy you need


With miles of underwater pipeline and Michigan waters to protect, we come prepared. Our divers work tirelessly to patrol, repair and restore the energy you need whenever you need it. Because your energy should always be dependable.