When the Skies Open Up, Our Crews Head Out.

Lightning. High winds. Freezing rain. When you head for shelter, we hit the road. We prepare by working days and nights to boost reliability and improve restoration time. We stay sharp by focusing on training and safety.

In the last five years, we invested more than $450 million into upgrading our electric system. In 2016, we strengthened and expanded our natural gas system. Simply put, we do whatever it takes to deliver the energy you need, whenever you need it.

Electric Operations

Rain, sleet, dead of night, it doesn’t matter. Our crews work hard to make sure you have safe and reliable electricity. That means keeping a close eye on 68,000 miles of electric distribution lines—enough to wrap around the world two and a half times.

Natural Gas Operations

Michigan winters can be brutal. We don’t take any chances with your family’s comfort, so we spend our summers buying the natural gas you need to weather the winter. Then we store it in underground fields until you need it. Thinking ahead like that helps ensure reliability and keeps prices low.

Our Team

We heart hardhats. You should too. When you spot our crews at work, it means they’re restoring power or strengthening the system to improve reliability. They regularly brave bad weather and severe conditions to keep Michigan homes and businesses running smoothly.

Innovating Forward

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Quimby, the state’s first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) tasked with monitoring electric distribution lines. Because 68,000 miles is a lot to patrol. It’s just one example of how we use new technology to deliver reliable energy to you.