Payment processing and online services will be unavailable from August 24 at 10 p.m. to August 25 at 9:30 a.m. for service and security upgrades.

Payment processing and online services will be unavailable from August 24 at 10 p.m. to August 25 at 9:30 a.m. for service and security upgrades.

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South Oakland Macomb Network

Modernizing Michigan’s Energy Infrastructure

Consumers Energy is improving safety and reliability for customers by upgrading its natural gas infrastructure in Oakland and Macomb counties.

The South Oakland Macomb Network project is a four-phase, $200 million effort to replace natural gas pipeline and infrastructure dating to the 1940s.

The program, a series of about 15 projects slated to run through 2022, is part of a larger strategic commitment to natural gas. The upgrades will benefit more than 1.8 million homes and businesses we serve throughout Lower Michigan.

We appreciate your patience as we work safely and efficiently to complete this project.

Project Benefits

  • Upgrading our infrastructure will help us move more natural gas quickly, safely and efficiently.
  • The upgrades will help us meet growing demand for natural gas in Oakland and Macomb counties, so you will have access to the reliable energy you need to heat your homes and businesses.
  • The program will benefit local economies along and near the pipeline route.


Projects Scheduled for 2019

  • Installing 7.5 miles of new, 24-inch pipeline in the Macomb Corridor in Shelby Township and Sterling Heights. For more details on this portion of the project, click here. To see a timeline map, click here. To see a restoration schedule, click here
  • Installing and repairing city gates: where natural gas is odorized and pressure is regulated for safe delivery to homes and businesses. Upcoming projects include:
    • Rebuilding the West Wayne city gate facility in Oakland County.
    • Building a new city gate facility in Shelby Township.

    Preparation such as surveying and securing easements is underway for future work. Each phase of construction is scheduled to be complete in the fall prior to the heating season.

    • You will not experience service interruptions as a result of these upgrades.
    • We’re committed to creating an open line of communication with the community. We welcome your comments and questions.
    • Whenever possible, the installation of the pipelines will be located in road right-of-way and within private landowner easements.

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    Caring for Michigan's Environment

    Consumers Energy is working carefully to protect the environment and local wildlife. We plan to complete a detailed environmental inventory of the project area – including all wetlands, drains and stream crossings – and will work with applicable federal, state and local agencies to consider all environmental concerns. These efforts include identifying and protecting any threatened or endangered species. Environmental inspectors will be on-site daily during construction.

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    Our Plan

    The work includes:

  • Installing 14 miles of new 12-, 16- and 24-inch pipelines.
  • Retiring 29 miles of pipeline in Oakland and Macomb counties.
  • Rebuilding six city gate stations.
  • Building one new city gate.
  • Putting Safety First


    Nothing is more important than protecting you, our employees and the environment. That’s why safety is the top priority on any job related to the South Oakland Macomb Network project.

    We have many programs in place to maintain the safety of our natural gas system, especially in densely populated areas or places where people congregate such as schools, parks and campgrounds. The federal government sets specific standards for the development of integrity management programs near these High Consequence Areas. Some of our many safety programs include:

    • All pipe is factory-tested to ensure it meets our safety standards.
    • Our cathodic protection program uses a low-voltage electric current to help reduce or eliminate corrosion.
    • We conduct ground and aerial surveys to check our pipelines at least twice a year.
    • We respond to more than 300,000 MISS DIG 811 requests each year to mark pipeline locations so excavators can dig safely.
    • To allow us to respond quickly to any emergency, our employees continuously monitor a computer system that alerts us to any abnormal pressures or flows in the gas system.
    • Consumers Energy has an Over-pressurization Protection (OPP) monitoring system which prevents medium and high pressure gas from entering standard pressure lines. Should over-pressurization occur, relief valves are designed to automatically activate and vent excess natural gas to the atmosphere.
    • A network of valves is also strategically located on gas lines throughout our system that can be opened and closed as needed.

    Contact Us to Learn More

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    To Report Security Incidents: Call us at 1-800-760-3295