Storage is the Secret to Reliability and Affordability

Michigan is comprised of two isolated peninsulas. This can make buying natural gas from big producers a little tricky—especially when they’re located thousands of miles away. That’s where our storage fields come in handy. We have 15 around the Lower Peninsula. We buy the natural gas you need in the summer when prices are typically lowest and store it. The end result is reliable natural gas service when you need it most and no financial surprises. On average, we’re paying 60% less for natural gas than a decade ago—which means you’re paying less too.

Build, Upgrade and Repeat

We’re one of the nation’s largest natural gas distribution companies, with deep expertise and a vast infrastructure. How vast? Our natural gas distribution and transmission pipeline network alone runs more than 28,000 miles long. Keeping it in tip-top shape requires constant vigilance. We’re always making improvements and upgrades to make sure you have the safest, most efficient natural gas service. We’re spending about $1 billion in improvements over the next couple of years alone to make sure you get the most for your energy dollar. Take a look at some of our latest projects.

Natural Gas by the Numbers

From the Well to Your Home

Most of the natural gas we use comes from outside of Michigan, like the Gulf Coast, Texas and Kansas. It’s a long trek from the well to your home, with many stops and pressure changes along the way. And there’s the matter of odorizing so that it’s incredibly obvious in the unlikely event of a leak.