An overview of your bill, including explanations of what can cause your bill to change throughout the year.

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How to Read Your Bill

Your bill was designed to give you helpful information about your energy use, rates and saving money. The different sections may include:

  • Your energy use over time
  • Tips on saving energy and money
  • Important safety information
  • Different ways you can pay your bill
  • Important account updates

The Charges On Your Electric Bill

There are two types of charges on an electric bill: Power Supply (measured in kWh) and Delivery Charges.

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The Charges On Your Natural Gas Bill

Your bill includes distribution and Gas Cost Recovery charges.

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Factors That Can Increase Or Decrease Your Bill

Some factors can cause your bill to go up or down, including:
  • Number of days in a billing cycle
  • Weather that is hotter or colder than usual
  • An estimated meter read followed by an actual meter read
  • Lifestyle changes like adding a new baby, putting on an addition, or someone working from home

How to Read a Meter

Learn to read a meter, about estimated reads and Consumers Energy Smart Energy® Program.

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Protection Plans and Assistance

There are many programs and other forms of assistance to help avoid a shut-off.

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