Net Metering

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Get Credit for Sharing Energy

If you’re interested in generating your own renewable energy at your home or business, Net Metering could be for you. As part of the Net Metering program, you’ll earn credit on your monthly energy bill for any excess energy you don’t use.

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How Does It Work? 

Even though you generate electricity through your own renewable energy source, you'll still be connected to the grid. The energy you generate will decrease your need to purchase electricity from us and we will credit you for any extra energy you produce. It’s good for the planet ─ and your budget, too.

Net Metering is available when you generate energy using eligible renewable energy systems. Check out the details in the chart below.

Program Categories

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3
System Size ≤ 20 kW > 20 to ≤150 kW > 150 to ≤550 kW
digestion only)
Meter Requirement Single Meter Two Meters Two Meters
Billing Net power supply and net delivery charges in addition to other fixed fees Net power supply and net delivery charges in addition to other fixed fees Net power supply and net delivery charges in addition to other fixed fees
Credit Excess energy credited at power supply and delivery rate Excess energy credited at power supply rate only Excess energy credited at power supply rate only

 For additional information on the process, check out the Net Metering brochure.

How To Enroll

You can participate in Net Metering if:

  1. You have a generator with a system size less than or equal to 150 kilowatts (kW) or a methane digester system less than or equal to 550 kW. You’ll need to project your annual kilowatt-hours.

  2. Your generator offsets the electric needs of your home or business.

Please Note: Whenever you make onsite changes that will affect your use, you’ll need to provide additional information and verification about how your annual energy use may change.

For more information, please see our Terms and Definitions below.

To get started:

  1. Determine your category:
    • Category 1: Electric generator producing 20 kilowatts (kW) or less per year.
    • Category 2: Electric generator producing 20-150 kW/year.
    • Category 3: Methane digester generating 150-550 kW/year.

  2. Complete the Interconnection Application (Category 1 and 2 Application; Category 3 Application): This form includes contact information, generation type, system size and annual energy use. You’ll be asked to pay a $75 application fee and a $25 program fee. If you have questions, call us at 517-788-2119 or email us.

  3. Make sure your generating system meets approved specifications submitted in your application.

  4. Perform a commissioning test to ensure your generator can be safely connected to the grid.

  5. Sign the Generator Interconnection Operating Agreement (GIOA) after confirming that the information on your newly installed system is accurate. If you plan to make changes to your system in the future, you must notify us ahead of time.
Installer Type Company Address
Renewable Installer CBS Solar 16880 Front Street, Copemish MI. 49625
Renewable Installer Country Air & Solar Energy LLC 1101 N. Bradley Rd, Charlotte MI. 48813
Renewable Installer Ecojiva, LLC 2301 W. Big Beaver Rd, Suite 318, Troy MI. 48084
Renewable Installer Four Elements Energy, Inc. 54630 60th Ave, Lawrence MI. 49064
Renewable Installer Harvest Energy Solutions 2218 E High St, Jackson MI. 49203
Renewable Installer Hunter Energy Resources 16049 Van Buren, West Olive MI. 49460
Renewable Installer J. Ranck Electric, Inc. (Commercial Installations) 1993 Gover Pkwy, Mount Pleasant MI. 48858
Renewable Installer Michigan Solar Solutions LLC 509 Sherbrooke, Commerce MI. 48382
Renewable Installer Oak Electric Service Inc. 5492 Dixie Hwy Suite 1 & 2, Waterford MI. 48329
Renewable Installer Rustic Resource Renewable Energy 11290 Strait Rd., Hanover MI. 49241
Renewable Installer Solar Joint Ventures LLC. 1904 Woodslee Drive, Troy MI. 48083
Renewable Installer Solar King, LLC 4522 Racewood Drive, Commerce MI. 48382
Renewable Installer Solar Time Tracker 3725 N State Rd. 127, Angola, Indiana 46703
Renewable Installer Solar Winds Power System LLC. 5399 Laura Dr., Shelbyville MI. 49344
Renewable Installer Strawberry Solar 2727 2nd Ave. #259, Detroit, MI 48201
Renewable Installer The Green Panel, Inc. 4023 South Old US 23, Brighton MI. 48114
Renewable Installer Westbrook Construction, Inc. 7222 Burr St. PO Box 214, Benzonia MI. 49616

Category 1: An eligible electric generator creating 20 kilowatts (kW) or less per year at a single site. It must also use equipment certified by a nationally-recognized testing laboratory to IEEE 1547.1 testing standards and be in compliance with UL 1741 1.1A.

Category 2: An eligible electric generator creating between 20 kW and 150 kW per year at a single site.

Category 3: A methane digester generating between 150 kW and 550 kW per year at a single site.

Eligible Electric Generator: A renewable electric generator or methane digester with a generation capacity outlined in categories 1 through 3 above.

Full Retail Rate: The power supply and distribution components for the cost of electric service. Full retail rate does not include surcharges, the system access charge of other charges assessed on a per-meter basis.

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