Due to technical issues, payment processing and online services will be unavailable from Wednesday October 23 at 10:00 p.m. to Thursday October 24 at 5:00 a.m.

Due to technical issues, payment processing and online services will be unavailable from Wednesday October 23 at 10:00 p.m. to Thursday October 24 at 5:00 a.m.

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Easy - Affordable - Sustainable. Renewable Energy for Michigan.

When it comes to solar, installing panels on your home or business can be costly – ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars – and time consuming. With Solar Gardens, you can promote a cleaner energy landscape without the upfront costs and long-term maintenance of owning your own solar energy system.

Consumers Energy Solar Gardens

Learn more about the Solar Gardens experience.

Why Participate?

Environmental Benefits

Your Solar Gardens subscription will make a big environmental impact. Solar energy from the Solar Gardens Program generated to date is equivalent to:

It doesn’t matter if you own or rent.

As a Consumers Energy’s full-service* electric customer you’re eligible to subscribe to Solar Gardens.

When you subscribe to the program, you agree to pay a low monthly fee on your electric bill each month** and receive a monthly solar energy credit based on the amount of energy produced.

Should you change service locations after you’ve enrolled in the program, your subscription will move with you. Move out of our service territory, and you'll automatically be removed from the program without penalty.

There are several payment plans available to fit your lifestyle – and for as little as $9 per month, you can promote a cleaner Michigan for decades to come. For additional details see Program Terms and Conditions.

Learn more about the Solar Gardens experience.

*Full-service electric customers are served on rates RS, RDP, RDPR, RT, GS, GSTU, GSD, GP, GPD, EIP and GPTU. To confirm your rate classification, please reference the back of your monthly bill under Rate Information.

**Customers who participate in the budget plan, winter protection plan, or shut-off protection plan will receive a second invoice for their participation rather than a consolidated electric bill.

Join Now
We offer several ways for you to pay, with plans to fit every budget.

For as little as $9 per month*, you can subscribe to solar energy.

Alternatively, you can choose an up-front, 3 year, or 7 year payment term and continue to receive credits on your bill after your payment has been completed. Contact us for more information on these alternative subscription options or if you are interested in changing your existing Solar Gardens subscription.

Subscription Options:

Up-front: $1,154
3 Year term: $36 per month
7 year term: $18 per month
25 year term: $9 per month

In 2017, credits averaged $4.66 per SolarBlock per month.

Learn more about the Solar Gardens experience.

*As a qualified customer you can participate any time within the 25-year project lifespan. You can choose to leave the program at any time with no contracts or fees.


Grand Valley State University Solar Garden

Grand Valley State University

Learn More
Western Michigan University Solar Garden

Western Michigan University

Learn More

Solar Production

The data below illustrates how much solar energy has been generated in Michigan through the Solar Gardens program to-date. As you can see, your participation in programs like this makes a big difference.

Total Generation
to Date

15,959 MWh

Total Generation Today 0 kWh
Total Generation in the Past 7 Days 44 MWh
Total Generation in the Past 30 Days 460 MWh
Total Generation in the Past Year 7,660 MWh

Historical Generation View

  • DAY
  • WEEK
  • YEAR

Daily Solar Production Total: {Total_Generated} kWh

Weekly Solar Production Total: {Total_Generated} MWh

Monthly Solar Production Total: {Total_Generated} MWh

Yearly Solar Production Total: {Total_Generated} MWh

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