Learn about how Consumers Energy is involved in renewable energy, which programs are available and how you can join.

Wind turbine green field

Powering a Greener Tomorrow

Sustainably powering the future means finding new ways to generate electricity from renewable energy sources. By the year 2040 we plan to have 40% of our energy produced by renewable sources and completely eliminate coal generated electricity.

Our brighter tomorrow starts with working together today. Help us preserve and protect Michigan’s air, forests and waterways. Discover how you can help support cleaner energy in Michigan by using more renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Programs

Solar Gardens

If you're interested in powering your life with renewable solar energy, but you don't have your own solar panels, this program can help you offset your carbon footprint.

  • We own, operate and maintain large solar panel facilities called Solar Gardens.
  • You can subscribe to “SolarBlocks” to offset your energy use. In turn, you receive solar energy credits on your bills.
  • Over the course of 25 years, one SolarBlock can offset up to 16 tons of carbon emissions.


Net Metering

If you’ve committed to generating your own electricity through solar energy, wind power or biomass, our Net Metering program is available to help you achieve your green goals and maintain your energy needs in two ways:

  • The energy you generate supplies your energy demand first. If you need more electricity than what you generate, we’re there to provide more.
  • When you generate more electricity than you need, the Net Metering program gives you energy credits that you can apply toward your power supply charges on your bill at any time.
Discover how you can share your green energy resources and receive energy credits.