Lighting Savings and Rebates

Change Your Bulbs for Impressive Savings

About a third of the electricity you use at home is for lighting, but efficient LED bulbs can light your family’s home for less. That’s why we’ve teamed up with over 180 retailers across Michigan to give you instant savings on ENERGY STAR certified lighting.

Simply stop by a participating retailer and stock up on discounted LED bulbs to replace your old incandescents. No coupons or rebate forms needed. Just look for the instant savings sticker.


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Find the Right Lights for Your Home

Energy efficient LED bulbs are available for nearly every lighting need in your home. For light bulbs that will save you money while providing beautiful light for years to come, look for:

  • The ENERGY STAR label, certifying the bulb meets high performance standards.
  • The lighting facts label, telling you the brightness, wattage and color profile of the light.
  • The Consumers Energy instant savings sticker, identifying the bulb as one discounted at the register through our rebate program.

High-Performance Lighting

LEDs don’t just save you money. They’re a leap forward in lighting technology. LED bulbs:

  • Consume energy so efficiently; they last up to 10x longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Are available in a variety of color qualities so you can choose the best lighting color and hue for your room.
  • Dim without that incandescent flicker when you buy dimmable LEDs.
  • Reduce outdoor light pollution by directionally focusing light output for less spillover.

Start Saving on Lighting

Ready to make the switch to energy-efficient lighting? Find a retailer near you and get started today.

Energy Efficient Products Are Just A Click Away

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Buy a Bulb, Give a Bulb Helps People in West Michigan

See how we partnered up with Feeding America West Michigan to provide free LED bulbs for people in need.

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