Energy Efficiency Tips for Renters

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Talk With Your Landlord About Saving Energy

You can do more to save energy if your property owner or manager gets involved. Ask them to approve energy saving upgrades you'd like to do yourself, and perhaps cover the cost of materials too. Tell them about our Multifamily Energy Efficiency program, which provides free assessments and free efficiency upgrades for multifamily properties.

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Take a Shower Instead of a Bath

Showers use less hot water than baths, so you’ll save on water heating costs–the second highest energy cost for most homes.

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Air Dry Your Clothes When You Can

Air drying your clothes will reduce your energy bill, and it’s less damaging to your clothes too. Hang your clothes outside in the warmer months for that fresh-air clean scent.

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Turn Things Off Before You Leave

Lights, fans, TVs and electronics: turn them off before you leave. Build this habit as the simplest way to save.

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Move Furniture Away From Air Ducts

Your heating and cooling system works best when nothing blocks the flow of air around your ventilation ducts. Shift that sofa or move your bed to let the air flow freely.

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Use Power Strips With On/Off Switches

Your microwave, air conditioner, electronics and more may be using substantial standby power even when they’re “off.” Put a stop to stealthy power drains with a power strip you can shut off.

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Blankets and Sweaters Save

In the winter, dress warmly and sleep with an extra blanket. Your body’s own heat will keep you warm while you save on heating by turning down the thermostat.

Other Ways to Save